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Ayurved Panchkarma Hospital in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. Gujarat
Panchkarma treatment is one type of treatment system of Ayurveda. Panchkarma means there are five type of treatment:
Vaman (Systematic Vomiting)
Virechansti (Systematic diarrhea)
Niruh Basti / Kwath Basti (medicated enema)
Anuvasan Basti / Tail Basti (medicated enema)
Shirodhara (medicated oil on the forehead)

This five treatment we are using for different disease located in the different parts of the body.
With the help of Panchkarma treatment we can washout all the toxic chemical substance very deeply seated in the body. That means we can washout disease from the root with this panchkarma treatment & the same time we are giving oral medicines also to the patients which increase the body power & bust up immune system.
Treatment for Rheumatoid arthritis we are using basti treatment usually.

We are giving :
Dipan-Panchan Aaushadha
Bust up immune system
Our Panchkarma Treatments